What is worth knowing about loans with a guarantor?

What to do when you need a loan and you are in a difficult financial situation? In many situations, the solution is to take a loan without BIK, but often even non-bank institutions refuse to grant credit to people whose financial situation is bad. However, in this situation, you can take a loan with a

Good Credit Card or Bad Credit Card?

  If the credit card is good or bad, I do not know anymore I want one! It sounds funny, but that's what my niece told me the other day. In the early days of trade, when the barter came, there was no money, just exchange of goods for another, later appeared in the currency, to

Investment Guide Available And Available: Life Insurance

This guide goes through all the possibilities to build wealth through savings or to grow existing capital. You will find a wide range of transactions offered by banks, insurance companies or stockbrokers. Savings booklets: a safe and available investment Among the two great families of Epargne booklets, there is certainly the one that suits you. The booklets

Taxation Of Investments | Financial Investments

A comprehensive guide to investment taxation In the following pages, we detail the taxation applied to the various investment transactions. We will try to explain the tax mechanism on the one hand and to give you a maximum of advice and answer all your questions, on the other hand. At each investment his taxation   For each type of

Bank Account: Opening And Closing Of A Current Account

Opening formalities Any French resident can open a bank account. The opening formalities are relatively simple and must allow the bank to control the identity of the holder. For this, we must provide a valid ID card and proof of address. The bank will also check with the Banque de France if the holder is not registered.

Disadvantages of Informal Personal Payday Loans

Applying for a loan to a relative, friend or acquaintance has some disadvantages that you should know about. These cases are highly sensitive, because they can harm your interpersonal relationships if they are not treated in the right way. In this blog we want to share some of the disadvantages of informal personal payday loans ,